Wednesday, September 16, 2009

an introduction of sorts...

Regular journaling has long been my habit. In fact, I get a bit frustrated with myself when I discover I have gone more than a couple of weeks since my last entry. Yet, despite the regularity of my writing, I find the only one who directly benefits from such musings is myself. I have no intention of *replacing* my journaling with this blog. Journaling is an effective form of expression and stress relief solely because of the fact that its very nature is private. My journals are written as prayers to God, an outpouring of my thoughts, joys and frustrations. And what is kept there, in the pages of my journals, are for me and my Savior alone to see. However, I often find my heart holds something more, something meant to share with others. And that is why I am groping around in Blog Land.

I feel much like a tourist, unsure of my way, and yet wanting to discover all the treasures around me in this new-to-myself land. I am not computer savvy. Nor do I anticipate a large following. Instead, I look forward to using this platform to express my heart to those dear ones I am inexpressibly privileged to call my friends, and any whom the Lord might send in this direction. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Welcome to blog world!!!! Can't wait to hear your musings and read your rants!!

  2. Yay I'm really excited to see what you'll write. :)


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