Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life at the Smith House

Glancing over my blog, I see that the last time I posted was well over a week ago. I keep meaning to get to it, but things come up. Such is life. Trever has been home since his surgery on September 23rd, and having him here makes it hard for me to want to do much else besides spend time with him. Which is technically a good thing, right? I mean, it is one thing to still love one another in that kind of we-are-going-to-stick-it-out-even-when-it-isn't-fun kind of way, but to actually still LIKE one another? A LOT?!?! That's pretty remarkable after almost thirteen years.

Did I ever mention the fact that Owen is actually due on our "dating" anniversary? Who would have thought back then that we would be expecting our eighth little blessing thirteen years from then? Not me. I didn't even think I wanted kids back then!!! I can honestly say that being married to Trever is something I am grateful for every day. And that is pretty awesome, when you stop to think about it.

Hmmm. Thinking about all this makes me think about some of my favorite things about Trever. There are lots, but to spare you all the lovey-dovey stuff, I will just tell you my number one favorite thing about him: The man makes me smile and laugh every single day. Just the way he thinks cracks me up. I know I mentioned his "fishbowl theory" recently. What was so funny about it was the fact that he thought he had really come up with something clever. He was so proud of himself for coming up with that. I think he was tempted to submit it to a medical journal. :)

Yesterday, Justice (our almost 3 year old) asked me if I had a penis. I explained to him very matter-of-factly that no, mommies don't have penises. He seemed perfectly satisfied with this answer and did not need any further clarification. But Trever blurted out, off the top of his head (and I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff) that I had it shot off in the war. Blame it on the military if you like. Poor Justice just looked at me with pity, and I just shook my head. This kind of stuff happens all the time at our house, although usually it isn't in relation to body parts, thank goodness.

And speaking of our children, it seems lately there has been no shortage of energy. The seasons are changing beautifully on the east coast, which has made them a whole lot more motivated to go play outside. That is something I am grateful for. Rambunctious boys traipsing all over the house, being cooped up because of hot, humid, icky weather is not good. Me on the other hand, well, I seem to be pooping out a little quicker than usual. I have ever so many things I want to do- teach Libby to bake bread, finish the baby afghan I am making for Owen, journaling, finish reading the several books I got for my birthday, decluttering, etc.... But after only a few minutes of effort, I find myself tired. Really tired. You know the kind of tired that you can actually FEEL behind your eye sockets? That kind.

The worst of it is that much of the time my mind is awake and it is really just my body that is tired. Sometimes this makes actually sleeping a challenge. I have been taking an increased number of baths lately. The warm water definitely helps relax me. Maybe I ought to add a cup of chamomile tea to my nighttime regimen. *sigh*

Overall though, I can't complain. I feel very content.

Tonight, Trever made chili. It was his first attempt ever. It turned out really good, in my opinion. It was a tad spicier than I make it, but it was nice to have a little change. I like when Trever finds new recipes and wants to try them out. In addition to the fact that someone else is making dinner (a huge perk) I generally really like his cooking. I told our boys tonight that I hope all of them grow up to be able to cook as well as their daddy, so they can make a meal for their wife and children. And I really mean it. In some ways, Trever is a great example to our children. Often, it is in the things he doesn't realize he is doing well, like making a meal or taking care of his wife. Just last night he painted my toenails for me. When all our children, at different times throughout the evening, commented on my pretty toes, I was able to tell them their daddy did it for me. What a sweet, tender thing for a man to do for the woman he loves. My hope is that these kinds of things stick with our children, so that our boys grow up to be tender with their wives and so that our daughter seeks a husband who will love her tenderly.

In wrapping up this Sunday evening, I think Trever and I are going to play dominoes with Andrew and Riley, and then watch the movie we rented. And then we will very likely go to bed. He and I are already pretty tired. But we are happy. And that's what seems to be the most important thing right now.


  1. I love and adore you my wonderful wife.

  2. If I don't end up finding this kind of love, like God has given you, I will be single my entire life. It's not worth it otherwise. :) Just wanted you to know that your marriage inspires me. And so do your children. :-D


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