Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tangled Curls Our Lord Unfurls...

Yesterday we went to the beach. Trever's mother, step-father (Robin) and brother are visiting from Kentucky. It has been a blessing to have them here for Christmas. Robin wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean, so we decided to make a trip out to Tybee Island.

It was a lot of fun and we got some great pictures. But that is not the point of this post. After the windy beach trip, we brought our family home, enjoyed a great evening and put our children to bed. But in the morning, when it was time to give the children their baths, I realized that Liberty had knots all throughout her curly hair.

Poor thing. I washed her body and shampooed her hair, then let the conditioner sit on her head for several minutes before rinsing it out. But even with all the care I took to make sure it was well conditioned, it was tangled- badly. I got her dried off and dressed, and then took a full ten minutes combing through her hair. I was as gentle as possible, but at times it was still painful, and I realized it would have been much easier on her (and me) if we had done the whole thing the night before.

While I was pondering all this in my heart, the Lord gave me a beautiful word picture. This is truly what the Christian life is like. When we do not take the time to read God's word, to pray and to spend time with God, our lives quickly become a tangled mess. It is well worth it to spend time with God every day. Not only do we reap the benefits of intimacy with God, but we also avoid the mess that we can easily make of our own lives when we spend even a short amount of time away from our Lord.

God, in His graciousness, will take the time to smooth out the messes we make. He is as loving and gentle with us as possible. But how much better when we choose to allow Him to work in our lives every day- before we make a mess of it?

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