Friday, February 26, 2010

The Living Water

Take a moment to imagine this with me...

A tall, slender glass, half-way filled with murky fluid. There are specks of gravel floating on the surface, dirt smearing the sides of the glass. A scientist might think of all the bacteria breeding, multiplying. Filth. Decaying. Death.

Now, a faucet is turned on. Out flows a steady stream of crystal clear water. Clear. Clean. Pure. Sparkling.
Then the glass is placed underneath the faucet. It begins to fill. And as it does, something interesting happens. At first, the dirt mixes with the water. The glass is filled with cloudiness. But as the water continues to fall, the dirt is diluted. The gravel rises and floats to the top. The glass overflows, filth and stones pouring out, making room for the clean water. Soon, the glass is clean, flowing over with clear water. The sun shines on the glass. You can see through it. It sparkles in the sun.

Man is like that. Human beings have hearts that collect ugliness, filth, bitterness. Anger and jealousy are like stones. Sin- the bacteria that breeds and multiplies until what we contain can not any more bless, cleanse, hydrate other souls. We become stagnant. Contaminated. We are conformed to the earth.

When we take our dirty vessel to the Living Water- to Jesus- we are filled. As we fill, the ugliness is diluted. It dissipates. It comes to the surface and is washed away. It is gone. We are made clean. We are renewed. Purified. He is the Water that cleanses, transforms.
We are objects of His grace. The Living Water makes us ready, able- to reflect His Image. As we come to be washed, linger to be filled, we overflow good things into the lives of others. We are made ready for the Master's service. We sparkle in the Son. Radiant. Changed.

Go to the Living Water. Stay. Let Him cleanse, fill, change you. Experience the profound joy of housing the Life, the Water, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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