Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Happy Afternoons

For those of you who might happen to be a wee bit interested in some of the things we do with our children. I am very excited about some of the supplemental items we recently purchased to share with our children.

First, a lovely geography book. It includes a cd rom, in the back, so I was able to print out full-color maps, review questions, quizzes, copy work, etc. I read this, aloud, to all the children, after nap time.

Next, the history book I read, aloud, to my three eldest children, in the afternoons. One beautiful chapter at a time. Then we discuss, or do the suggested activities.

Then, after geography and history, we have time for our readers. For the younger children: Who doesn't love Pooh???

For my older children, the GORGEOUS Lamplighter books. Truly lovely, all stories that exalt the King of Kings.

For all the children, character stories.

Fianlly, for all of us. Words of life.

And this is just our afternoon. :)

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