Tuesday, March 16, 2010


From time to time, I (just like everyone else) lose my focus. I forget all the reasons we do the things we do. Why we have such a big family in a world that looks badly at us every time we take the children with us to the grocery store. Why we home school in a world that thinks we are not qualified to teach our own children. Why we embrace Christ in a world that is offended by mention of His very existence...

This is not a rant. People believe all sorts of different things, and I am glad they do. We should love one another, even when we are different. We should not judge. I hope that while I do not judge, others might grant me the same kindness. That we would all be free to make the choices that make up our lives, different though they may be.

I recently watched my oldest son, doing his school work. Reading, at the kitchen table. And the picture I took, forever remembering that moment, was a beautiful reminder to me of why I am doing some of the things I do. I humbly submit this precious moment, share it with you...

He wasn't told to hold his baby brother. He wanted to. It was a natural part of his day. And I thought to myself, I am witnessing a sweetness I would not see if we weren't doing this.

I went to public school. I never held a sweet baby while reading social studies. I learned to read, to dissect a frog, to type, and many other things. But I never learned how to nurture. To love. To demonstrate simple acts of kindness.

I was surrounded by a classroom of peers. They were all my exact age, give or take six months. And you know what? I have never been in a setting like that since graduation. Not even in college.

My children? They are daily in a classroom setting with babies, toddlers, younger children, older children, and adults. They are occasionally around peers, in social settings, extra curricular activities and such, but the bulk of their time is spent in a culture of diversity. And they thrive.

Again, this is not a rant. I know some of my readers have their wonderful children in public schools. I still think you are fantastic moms. Those of you who know me know that. But it was in my heart to share with you one of the beautiful reasons I love homeschooling.

Sure, there are trade-offs. I struggle to keep my home tidy and organized. On some days I fantasize about the hours my children would not be home if I sent them off to school, hours I could use to get my house sparkly clean. Hours where it would be quiet.

But I have them home with me all day. So that is not very realistic.

Sometimes it seems easier to do-it-myself, rather than taking the time to instruct a child to wash the dishes, fold a load of laundry, sweep the floor...

But my children learn they are not simply to be served, but also to serve. They all have a very important role in our home. They all help. We work together. Daily. I could not get it all done without them. They matter.

And honestly? Even when Trever takes them to the park for a couple hours to give me a wee break, I miss them like crazy. They all look at me funny when they walk in the door and I hug every one of them, asking about what they did while we were apart. I don't know what to do with too much time. Or quiet.

Life is cyclical. And I like it that way.

Just a little of the overflow of my heart....


  1. Oh Amy! I so agree with you! Isn't it funny? Sometimes, on the hard days, I think, UGH! Peace and quiet... Please! But just imagine the sacrifice if I actually had it. I think, for one, I'd become a selfish person. My children save me from it. I think I'd waste a dreadful amount of time... Again, the children save me from it. They give me the higher purpose: to teach, to train, to serve, to be served, on occasion, with thankfulness. Aren't we blessed?

  2. I am thankful everyday for the choices that we have made. Things do get hectic from time to time but I would not trade this life for another.

  3. Oh my goodness!! Is that Andrew? He's changed so much! Guess that's what, 41/2 years plus will do to you!!


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