Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hope Infusion

holy experience
Last night I was blessedly given a fresh surge of encouragement. Hope is a powerful thing. Scripture bathed my mind, a balm to my wearied heart. And healing began.

Precious, life infused words from Romans, Psalms, Proverbs. The message penetrates deep.

The acidic bile in my heart is neutralized. The sin-ulcers lanced, wholeness restored, new perspective coursing life and faith fresh renewed.

Not wanting to lose these words, I reach for my journal. And I write, write, write. The words flow from the ink, take shape, meaning...

A edited repost from my other blog, Letters of Love, sharing one way I walk with Him.

Journaling has long been my habit, but lately I have decided to turn my prayer journals into a beautiful disaster of the tidbits that rush into my mind everyday. Scraps of thoughts, scattered here and there, as they come. because sometimes I just don't have the time or energy to be eloquent and complete.

Life is not perfect. I think that is reflected in my writing. But at the same time, even in my hurried, harried existence, I need a few moments for something beautiful. That is what my journaling has become.

I started out by being inspired by fellow pilgrim Ann Voskamp. I loved the simplicity, yet beauty of her journaling. And so I set out to make my own.

I just make myself a frame, a tiny piece of art. Just little scraps that embellish my words, add flourish. And then I write my scattered thoughts as they come. Thoughts about my day, moments of shared joy with my children, things I am thankful for, my concerns, goals, fears.... Sometimes I write little lists of things I need to get done, or breathe little prayers to God in my writing. But it is all from my heart.

Do you journal? What shape does your journaling take? (Because I personally believe we all have amazingly different and creative ways to express ourselves.) If anyone would like to share, I would love to listen.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box, or link to your lovely blog below.


  1. Hope is definitely a powerful thing. I love the lyrics by Kutless that say “hope that doesn’t ever end even when the sky is falling.” I want to have that kind of hope, but I don’t yet…

    I do journal. My blog has sort of become a journal, but I also keep a “3 Blessings Journal” and a journal to record thoughts from my daily Bible reading. I used to journal my prayers, but haven’t done that much lately. Journaling has definitely been a spiritual discipline that has brought me closer to the Lord, and I highly recommend it like you do.

    Thanks for this encouraging post today, and for making me think more about cracking open one of my past journals.


  2. I've kept prayer journals for several years; I copy scripture, write prayers, paint, doodle, and glue things in it. I've yet to show any of it on my blog, I guess, because it seems so personal between me and God, but I do hope that my children and grand children will enjoy them someday.

  3. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to journaling. :o) My biggest hang-up, I have to admit, is my atrocious handwriting. It's awful. But since having kids, I have found a new and more noble reason for journaling. I have a journal that can only be shut with a gigantic rubber houses all the paint sample cards that I have ever fallen in love with and graced our walls with, it has the measurements of my windows...just in case I happen upon a great fabric sale, it even has a diagram of how to tie a tie (just in case my hubby ever does get a job where he has to dress to the nines) and a diagram of the perfect place setting, for that time coming soon when I will need to teach my 3 daughters how to truly set a table. Oh, and all my favorite letters and encouragements from people, favorite photographs, articles which spoke to me, recipes scrawled in my mama's own handwriting, women's retreat notes and favorite bible verses. It has become quite a treasure and I hope that one day it will also be to my girls. Now that they are receiving notes from Grandmas and friends, I have started the girls out with their own journal. However they can get them in there is fine with me, so long as their treasures are all housed in one place. stapler, tape, glue, whatever. They love that once-a-month gathering as much as I do! Thanks for the inspiration to keep up with it!

    Also, loved your equating scripture to a balm for your wearied true and beautifully spoken. God Bless you today!

  4. I have been journaling since high school and now am 62. The many things you jot down, or ponder, or write purposefully have all been ways of my journaling journey. It is a way of expression for me and I love it. Such a beautiful outlet when talking to God. He will talk with us as well ... when we listen!
    Thank you for visiting my blog today, Amy Danielle.
    Touched by Him, ~ linda

  5. I have been journaling since I was about 12. There are times in my life when I did not journal, but not many. And my journals have taken all kinds of shapes. I have used sketchbooks turned into scrapbooks, blank page books, notebooks, journals, everything. I also keep a gratitude journal. And I keep a journal of odds and ends, lists, wants, hopes, dreams, etc. Plus, my husband and I have started journaling together, just a little wee paragraph by each of us each day. And of course, my journals are full of prayers and thoughts on God. Your post was inspiring; thank you for sharing.

    Thank you, as well, for visiting my blog.

    Stacey <><


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