Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's Day

My family showed their love for me this Mother's Day.

My children pooled their money and bought me a lovely box of Godiva dark chocolates.

Several of my children expressed their creativity, producing works of art and poetry from the heart.

My sons helped clean the house, fold laundry, and hold fussy babies.

My husband and I snuggled together in the afternoon and took a nap.

My daughter and I put facial masks on together.

My sweet husband made me a beautiful breakfast, presented me with two new books I'd been wanting to read, beautiful praise music that will soothe my nerves as I listen to it through the week, and then he ended the day with the loveliest roses and ice cream.

My husband and I both talked to our mothers on the phone, wishing them love on this special day, set aside for honoring mothers. And I got lost in my thoughts, thinking about what it would be like to be them today. They have their children, but their mothers passed on years earlier.

I realize I am in a unique, blessed place, sandwiched in between my parents and my children. And on this mother's day, I was blessed by being able to give and receive. My heart is full.

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  1. And before I fail to remember, I received several phone calls and texts from my amazing friends, making the day even fuller. I love you all.


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