Monday, June 14, 2010

Catching Up on Counting...

A little behind on posting my list as it grows... So here is #27-66!!!

A lovely dinner- pasta, asparagus, portabellos and Italian sausage- lovingly prepared by my man.

Winning a purse on Becky's blog giveaway!!

Beautiful music- it touches my soul- City On a Hill, Fernando Ortega, Evening in Prague... saints I hope to meet here (Earth-side) or in Heaven... Adding to this list- Paul Washer, David Bercot, Oddny Gumaer- amazing saints. What a family I have!

The sound of my children talking, laughing. Precious.

Morning baby smiles.

Rocking chairs.

Reconnecting with old friends.

Naptime snuggling Aiden to sleep.

Babies learning to say "I love you." Beautiful words.

Painting little girl finger nails.

Morning coffee made by my sweetheart.

Watching older children love and care for the younger ones.

Soft brown boots, my Christmas gift from Trever.

Potty-trained three year olds.

Memories of my Papa on the anniversary of his death.

Rejoicing with mom over her accomplishments- making healthy choices.

Kind husband and sweet children preparing their gifts for Mother's day.

Nursing a sweet baby to sleep.

Lullabies and Worship Songs- balm for the distressed spirit. (My babies love this one and I try ALWAYS to have it on car rides.)

Roller skating with the children.

Being kissed and tucked into bed by loving husband.

Having your children tell you that you are pretty, completely unprompted.

Hearing your husband call you beautiful, pretty, "the hotness"... even when you don't feel any of these things.

A cute puppy- new addition to our home.

Ann's blog, which faithfully inspires and brings perspective.

Air conditioning.

Journaling- a way to express creativity.

The ability to homeschool.

My very own advent to lent spiral.

Needed medication and the hope of getting better.

My Bible.

3 way touch lamp at bedside for soft lighting, even in the middle of the night... sleepy baby approved.

Holding Dylan's hand today while we skated- him sweetly slipping his hand in mine and smiling as we spent our one-on-one time around the block.

Dylan only falling on his skates twice today. He is improving every time.

Feeding Owen his first spoonfuls of real food- mashed avocado. Watching him graduate from exclusive breastfeeding is neat- the faces he makes as he tries a new taste, texture... seeing him smile that he gets to sit in a high chair. Sweet.

Singing with Aiden as I pushed him in the shopping cart at the commissary.

Warm bath soaking away aches, sending stress swirling down the drain with the essential oil bath foams. Bliss.

Grilling our food.

Watching husband and oldest son play guitar together.

You may have gathered that this list spans the last several weeks with little hints dropped in like Mother's Day and such... But I think I am all caught up now. Ready to count some more gifts....

holy experience


  1. I love your list -- so full of family and love! Rollerskating, a puppy and guitar -- what fun...

  2. Such a lovely list.
    Dinner sounded wonderful, pasta is just about my favourite dish.
    You lucky girl!
    Have a wonderful week Amy :)

  3. I love their faces when they try new foods!



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