Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crunching Jesus

John 6:53-58

Thr communion bread is laid on my tongue
so gently. But I am ravenous; I want to gnaw
the whole loaf. We know already we are his body,
but taking in this crumb of the earth's generous
flesh, this sip of its given blood, presses Incarnation
into my flesh. As imagination takes in the symbol
and the substance we become more acutely
vessels filled with Christ. Even as we step away
from the altar and out the church door
we keep living the liturgy and the urge to Eat
and Drink. The wine burns still in my throat.
I have a pasty shred of bread stuck in my teeth. Oh,
how to feed the hunger and thirst of the world?

~Luci Shaw

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  1. Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing them :)


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