Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adversity Refines

I hope you won't hold it against me, but the truth is, I have an ugly habit of thinking I am better than I actually am.

I was thinking about this today as I read through a blog by sweet Emily, and later, when reading through something Ann alluded to about Susanna Wesley... I was thinking about women who love their God and who are confronted with adversity.

If you are familiar with Susanna Wesley or so many of the other women in our faith history- Amy Carmichael, Corrie Ten Boom, Elisabeth Eliiot, Perpetua, Gladys Alyward, and on and on... you will find a common theme. These were women of God who faced very difficult circumstances. And their faith thrived.

I have read so many stories about people struggling in their faith and imagined that if I were in their situation, I would do better.

In reality, I would be a mess.

I struggle every day.

Two things are at the forefront of my mind this evening. The first is that I need to stop being so critical and start extending some grace.

The other is that I need to start reacting differently to adversity. It seems adversity is God's boot camp, so-to-speak. And through the refining process, we can emerge beautiful. It is what we are like when the heat is up that truly defines our character.

May God remind me of this as the trials come, and may the many godly examples gone before me inspire trust and dependence in Him through them all.

(picture by Lars Justinen)


  1. oh Amy, i know... i long to be the kind of woman Amy Carmichael or Elisabeth Elliot was... i remember hearing that saints don't know they're saints, for they're too focused on the cross... on repenting for their sins. God is refining us. we just need to stay focused on Him. thanks so much for linking to me. you are dear, sister.

  2. Yes Amy! I know exactly what you are talking about. That is why my blog is titled being refined as silver. Looking forward to emerging beautiful. Well said.


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