Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Moments In Simplicity

Since life is full of noise and sound and we are at every turn bombarded with complexity...

It is sometimes a delight to have something simplistic, beautiful, holy...

And a wise person once said that a picture speaks a thousand words...

I share with you, kind friends, a beautiful moment, from our home to yours....

This house is brim-full of slumbering daddies and blissful babies and mamas who snap pictures in holy silence, whose hearts flood over with joy, with contentment, with love.

Be fully present to each blessed moment, dear ones.

Reposting from the archives, because I find I need to step back from time to time, and remember simplicity... And linking up with Emily, and the Perfect Prose community.


  1. That is beautifully said. I have some great shots of my kids sleeping next to their daddy. So sweet!

  2. "mammas who snap pictures in holy silence"..."Be fully present to each blessed moment"....Such beautiful wording, Amy. Thank you for sharing this intimate holy time with us.

  3. Stunning photo...some things are best captured in black and white. It so reminds me of God's protection, Father love, guardian angels. Beautiful.

  4. Wow Jodi, never thought of it that way, beautiful!

  5. Such a precious, profound moment. And, oh my goodness, that baby is cute!

  6. Thanks for sharing the moment. Quiet simple... just living. How perfect!

  7. being fully present...capturing these little moments...that is a real blessing...hope you take them as well...

  8. i love this, amy... you draw me into your holy silence. and i love that you reposted, giving yourself time to just 'be', to reflect, and trusting him in the rest. you are beautiful, sister.

  9. such a sweet and perfectly holy moment captured...thank you, thank you for inviting us in to your sacred space for a breath of the beauty therein.


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