Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quiet Hearted Mama

Eight a.m.

Sounds whir past. Feet of all sizes slapping the ground, scurrying to and fro. The dishwasher and washing machine already humming along, cleaning up breakfast dishes and piles of laundry that grow like leaven. Broom swipes the floor, collects dust and bits of paper and fragments of outside adventures, and wash cloths wipe counters, sinks, tables clean.

Babies whine for mama and need diapers changed. Happily they settle in to play with a few treasured toys, or to be entertained by older siblings. Giggles and coos accent the busy air.

Mama tries to find a few minutes to sip strong coffee, to center, to pray.

It will be several hours before there is quiet in the house, so she must find quiet in her heart.

She has learned that there are no emergencies, that He is present, and that she must keep a quiet heart in a very loud world.

(Picture by Ann Voskamp)


  1. Beautiful post. My quiet time this morning was not alone as usual since my son was up. So I too will try to keep a quiet heart.

  2. Thanks Theresa. Your words always encourage. I will pray your heart can find a quiet place of rest today. :)

  3. Mamas must find it, even it is small. Your job is BIG and so very important.

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful Amy.
    I am right there with you in the morning with the coffee and the prayers :)
    Blessings ~


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