Sunday, September 12, 2010

Early Birthday Presents

God is so good.

My birthday is coming up- on Saturday.

I got a card in the mail, a bit early. It was from Trever's grandparents. I wasn't expecting anything from them, but was so touched they remembered me and sent me a card.

And then, I opened it up.

There was two hundred dollars inside.

I sat there, in shock. Two hundred dollars? Wow.

I was almost in tears at the generosity of the gift.

But I seriously almost cried when I spent it, and saw the happy faces of the recipients.

I got to buy five pairs of shoes, for five of my favorite people.

God has always been good to us, He has always provided for all our needs. Just sometimes, we have to buy a pair one month, and another pair another month. I have never, ever been able to buy five pairs of shoes, and socks for every one, in one month.

The children's sweet little faces just lit up. So excited. They ran all over the front yard seeing who could run the fastest in their new shoes.

And my heart was full.


  1. Catching up as usual on all your posts and smiling broadly! Blessings be yours always!

  2. Happy Birthday Amy, These are great pictures of your children and their sweet little faces lit up, what a wonderful blessing! :-)

  3. What a beautiful blog and love your photos!! Happy birthday and many blessings.


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