Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Speaking with a dear friend a couple nights ago, I was reminded of an important truth: Seasons, whether in nature or in our lives, are temporary.

The scorching summer is followed by the crisp relief of fall.

The blistering cold of winter is followed by the balmy spring.

Rough times in our life, though they may not feel like it, are also, blessedly, temporary.

And for this, I am grateful.

photo by Ann Voskamp


  1. This is so true and I really haven't thought much about this. . .I rejoice in Spring and Fall but I think I need to learn to do the same in any season. ;)

  2. I was just thinking that your window ledge looks just like Ann Voskamp's! I love your words, Amy Danielle. You carry the Word to us all!


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