Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wind in the Willows Fun

I was invited by Margaret over at Fraise to participate in a wonderfully fun group of bloggers who are writing in the fun theme of The Wind in the Willows. And, try as I might to come up with something fun and quirky and appropriate, I only had one lone idea that my mind kept swirling back to, and I don't know if it is any good at all but here it is, nonetheless, and I hope not to disappoint or spoil things....

One of the earliest scenes in this lovely little gem of a book depicts Mole meeting Ratty in all his boat-and-river-loving glory. Mole, who has not much experience with the river, and who has never been in a boat, asks Rat, more or less, if it isn't so very wonderful to be in a boat? To which, of course, Ratty goes on and on, dreamily, with contagious happiness, talking on and on about his great love- THE river.

And of course, as he explains its loveliness to Mole, it seems he falls all the more enamoured with it, all over again! To see Mole love it too? Well, joy unspeakable! Glory!

I could not help but think about how this is so neatly mirrors Christianity, in its simplest, sweetest sense. Call me Ratty here, but oh! To talk about my one true love- Jesus!! What?! You've never met Him??? Why, is there anything else to talk about?? Anyone else that compares to the joy found in just BEING with Him? I should think not.

Why, it doesn't matter where He leads you, really. Whether it is here or there, whether you think you are going one place and He leads somewhere entirely different. Up or down, in or out, it makes no difference. It is just being with Him. Him alone. That is the chief thing.

All day, every season, rain or shine. Jesus. Ah, the greatest friend, sweetest companion, most excellent adventure!

May all your wanderings sweet friends, lead you to the Living Water, the River of Life, Jesus!! And, if I may, I extend an invitation to share my picnic basket, and enjoy him together!



  1. I KNEW that you would come up with the goods, Amy Danielle! Well done, and thank you very much. Lead on, lead on....

  2. Thank you! It works because Ratty (and you) are so genuine, and therefore believable...

  3. What a lovely post, thank you so much.

  4. i just love this! The Wind in the Willows is one of my absolute favourites. I really liked how you paralled Ratty's love for the river and your love for Jesus. Just...grand. :)

  5. A lovely post and yes, I know Jesus and try my best to be a good Christian, we are united in faith and I am as you thought - friendly(ish)! I am having a little read of your blog now - nice to meet you. Betty

  6. a beautiful post and i so enjoyed that first meeting between mole and Ratty too xx


  7. I got the same thoughts as I was reading many morals are woven through the book. It was a joy to read and share with so many others.

    Thank you for sharing you!


  8. Amy this is lovely - please can I use it as a sermon illustration sometime??blessings xx

  9. I loved your take on the wind, so much more clever than my post.

    So glad I found you through Mag!


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