Sunday, March 27, 2011


This weekend, my mother and step-dad came up to visit. I wasn't feeling very good and knew I would not be able to do much, and warned them of this before they came. They came anyway.

We didn't do a whole lot (though I did manage to go to the park Sunday afternoon and sit on a picnic bench while mom pushed babies in swings and Trever and John (my step-dad) took the older boys over to the skate park section of the park to do stunts off of ramps that give me a coronary). {smile}

Mainly though, we just visited and sat together and smiled at the children.

It was really nice.

I know my mom worries about my health, sometimes wishes there was more that she could do...

but really, this really blessed me. It makes me happy to know my mom would drive four hours to spend a weekend with me when I can't do much of anything. Just to be with me.

Sometimes, little reminders to focus on happy moments and just take it easy are key.

I read Ann's post for this weekend, and it resonated with me. So, I enjoyed some happy moments just soaking in a bubble bath, wearing my fuzzy socks, eating macaroons, and enjoying my family.

This weekend, I add these things to my list of thanks:
mom and John and their visit
laughing babies
children reciting memorized scripture- entire chapters! beautiful!
bubble baths
fuzzy socks
snuggling Aiden at nap time
Riley's self written scripture song, with accompanying choreography :)
a thoughtful get well card in the mail from Trever's grandpa
a husband who said he'd take me all the way to Atlanta to see the new Jane Eyre movie, he loves me THAT much. (though we aren't going- that's insane, since Atlanta is like 4 hours away- but still.)


  1. Your mom is so sweet. Moms are such an amazing blessing. Laughing babies... aww. How wonderful to receive such a special card. And your husband is so sweet! Your family is quite a gift!

  2. I can't wait to see the new Jane Eyre! 4 hours shmwowers go for it. It's good to be insane every once in a while. What a loving hubby!

  3. Jodi, you crack me up. I actually thought of you when I was looking at the movie and wondered if you might have seen it- seems right up your alley. ;)

  4. There's a new Jane Eyre movie? You have macaroons? I need to get up my game!

  5. Oh Mags! Wish I could have you over for cookies and tea and Jane Eyre! :)

  6. I was so blessed by reading your post today! To see your blessings and express your gratitudes in the midst of not feeling well ---
    now that's a good thing and it meant a lot to me. And macaroons???? They rate right up there with the best of things in life!!!!

  7. Love this. And can relate.

    Here it's fuzzy socks (cotton candy pink), leggings that feel good on sore hips, tea & coffee, giant homemade peanut butter cookies, little girl giggles, heating pads, a husband who loves so well.

    If you ever have a tea & cookies & Jane Eyre get-together, I want to come too! :-)

  8. "Fuzzy Socks" and "Bubble baths" "Kid's songs" these are a few of my favourite things too :)
    Have a wonderful week Amy!

  9. Hi, I'm here from Ann's as well.
    I gotta say that I am definitely feeling the bubble bath. I am quite tempted to go get one now :)
    Thanks for sharing these!


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