Thursday, November 17, 2011

His Thoughts Said... His Father Said...

Pondering some words from one of my spiritual mentors, Amy Carmichael, this evening...

"His thoughts said, I am ashamed because of my poverty of love and my interrupted obedience.

His Father said, I know it all. I know thee as thou art and yet I love thee.

His thoughts said, I often pray to be delivered from slothfulness that all the spaces of my
time may be fruitfully filled by Thee; and yet the spaces seem to me quite empty, and the
little that is done is so imperfectly done that I am ashamed.

His Father said, Commit thine empty spaces to Me, and let thy trust be in the tender mercy
of thy God for ever and ever. I will perfect thine imperfections."

And this one, balm to my weary heart...

"His thoughts said, I could do better work for my Lord if it were not that I am tired. I am
tired of being tired.

His Father said, Jesus, being wearied with His journey, sat thus on the well. Art thou not
willing to be wearied with thy journey? Many are wearied in the service of self, the world,
earthly glory- thou art loosed from that bondage. Rejoice in thy liberty to be weary for
His sake who loved thee and gave Himself for thee. Abide in His love, and thou shalt learn
to give as He gave, even in weariness; to live as He lived, more than conqueror over the

Both quotations are from her lovely little book, His Thoughts Said... His Father Said...

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