Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anniversay Poem

Just wanted to share the sweet poem our 11 year old son wrote for Trever and I today, to commemorate our fourteenth wedding anniversary. Because it's moments like this that make us feel heart-full.

For fourteen years
You've been together
Through bad times
And bad weather

You love us with all your heart
You can't buy that kind of love at Wal-Mart

When we're good
And when we're bad
You're the most loving mom & dad

Dad has hair with awesome style
And he always makes me smile
Mom is prettier than a rose
She loves when we're friends
And not foes

They love when we're good
and hate when we're bad
They are the best
Mom and dad

Riley Jarrett Smith age 11
Happy anniversary to us, Trever. And many, many more, Lord willing.

~amy danielle


  1. Awww...Amy!!! That is precious! Don't you love being prettier than a rose? It's true - you are. And Happy Anniversary Trever and Amy!!! XOX

  2. What a beautiful poem - to cherish always.


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