Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Number Nine!

Today we went to get an ultrasound at the birth center.

We decided to let Liberty, our one lone daughter smack in the middle of seven sons, come with us to see the ultrasound. This is supposed to be the baby that she gets to be the big helper with.

I will admit that part of me has felt a little funny during this pregnancy, praying specifically for a girl. I don't usually do that. Mainly because I have seven boys, and I adore each and every one of them, and though so many have wished girls on us to even things out, I have secretly liked having boys. But this time around, my heart ached for my daughter, who has been praying for a sister for the last four years, faithfully.

She has tried explaining to Trever and I that we have lots of boys and no other girls and we really should have a girl. But we just kept on having boys. I would encourage her to pray, telling her it was really up to God what we got. And pray she did. Regularly, faithfully, privately and with the rest of the family, for FOUR YEARS.

Just to give you perspective, we would be sitting down to eat dinner, and I wasn't even pregnant, and she would ask if she could pray over the food. Then her prayer would go something like this: Thank you Lord, for this food, and please bless it to our bodies. And please let mommy have a baby and let the baby be a GIRL. In Jesus's name, AMEN.

Trever and I would steal a glance at one another and my heart would constrict, just a little.

So today was a very big day.

The ultrasound technician was very sweet and pointed out all the features to Libby, who was having a hard time figuring out what she was looking at. She showed her the face, the hands, feet, etc. She made measurements of the brain, the heart, the spine, etc. And then the moment came.

She looked in between the tiny little legs and casually said, "I think its a girl."

I quickly looked at my daughter and then back at the ultrasound tech.

I told her, "This is our daughter, and she REALLY wants a sister because she has no sisters and SEVEN BROTHERS."

She repeated what I said, "She has NO SISTERS and SEVEN BROTHERS?!?!"

Trever and I nodded.

Then she said, "Well hang on a minute then. If I tell this girl it's a girl then I had better mean it, hadn't I?"

I quite possibly held my breath at this point as I considered how crushed Libby might be now if she had made a mistake.

But she hadn't. Upon zooming in, and with an even better view, she was able to absolutely confirm, WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as if this wasn't enough to make for a great visit, she also told me she was able to see everything so well, even though I was so early, because I was such a SKINNY patient. Yep. She called me skinny. {Okay folks, it's the little things...}

Liberty got to announce the news to all her waiting brothers, who were all thrilled. And now she is talking to her baby sister and calling her by name...


~amy danielle


  1. Best post ever! Love it! Love Maya. Love that Liberty gets a sister.

  2. amazing!!!! i absolutely love it. story, name, and the excitement of your family. yay!!!! too bad we are not closer, our little pearl and maya could be friends :)

  3. What a precious story, Amy, and what a sweet and beautiful family you have. I'm thrilled for all of you, but especially for Liberty and the gift of answered prayer. Love you BIGGIE bunches, dear friend.

  4. So pleased for you all, especially Liberty ;o) x x x

  5. congrats we have 7 girls and two boys! The boys are 7 years apart! Do follow me.


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