Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goings On

I have been feeling excessively tired lately, with nearly debilitating fatigue. But I have still managed to read several books, I am about half way done knitting a sweet little blanket for our daughter {whose name is currently undecided} and have watched all of season two of Downton Abbey with my husband.

I have watched my eldest son plant all the seeds in the garden and have even seen some of them start to germinate. We are very much looking forward to spring flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs, Lord willing. {The Autumn harvest was a flop, so prayers are appreciated.}

I am considering getting some window boxes for outside of my bedroom. I love to draw the curtains back in the morning and let the light in, and perhaps some sweet flowers might also be cheery.

My mother and sister came out a couple weeks back and painted my living room and hallway for me- a lighter color. It used to be brown, now it is an earthy, cream peach. I have found light to be an excellent way to ward off depression, especially when one is indoors so often. Interestingly, I have found myself reluctant to put many of the pictures and hangings back up on the walls. I seem to be favoring more sparse decorating for the time being.

I find myself looking around my house and wondering how I can simplify, declutter, get by with less. I picked up another of Penelope Wilcock's books, The Celebration of Simplicity. This one is not a novel, and I can see it will be one that I have to stop and think about as I read it, rather than plow through it in one sitting. It's just as well. I need books like this from time to time, although I have found lately I also need some lighter things sprinkled in, for variety.

I never used to really read fiction, for example, but now I am learning to appreciate how good fiction can tell truth in a powerful way. Stories, mythology, parables... even Jesus Himself used stories to communicate.

Recently, I have been having this odd thing happen where I have no appetite at all, nothing sounds good and I have no desire to eat. This is followed by nearly ravenous hunger. I realize I am pregnant, this may have a good deal to do with it. I am also on medication that affects the appetite. I just find this whole process a bit annoying and a little draining.

I miss my friends. They are scattered all over the country now, some closer than others, but nearly all of them beyond my reach. Becky and Kelly, Jade and Amanda... I miss you all!

My family is much the same way, with my closest relatives a four hour drive away. Although, even when we do have a visit, I find myself tired out and not good company after just a few hours. I sit and listen and smile weakly and wonder how I am going to stay awake and pleasant through the remainder of the visit, even though I am glad they came and enjoy being near them.

I am wishing there was a yarn store nearby. A real yarn store, not just a craft store that has a yarn section. I'd also be happy for a book shop and a tea shop. I wish I could meet some of the friends I have met through blogging- Suzy or Tonia or Amy or Jodi or Mags or Pat. I'd mention Ann as well, but I'd fear she was too busy now she's a famous best selling author. :)

I don't talk on the phone much anymore, and I don't spend a whole lot of time on the computer either. I usually peek in at my email, see if there are any messages on facebook {though I am considering deleting the whole thing} and check in over here. I can do all of this in less than five minutes, most days. I admit, I do a bit of blog reading. Those blogs listed on the right hand side, I do usually read them every day.

Still, I do find it amazing how much I can get done if I don't spend very much time online.

With Trever home most Mondays I sometimes lose track of what day it is, but since tomorrow is, in fact, Monday, and we are starting another school week, I had better wrap this up and see if I can't get some sleep. Sleep has been elusive lately, even though I feel so very tired. This can be such a source of frustration...

Chamomile tea, I think. And a chapter or two of Emily of New Moon. {This is one I never read as a younger person, and I have decided to go ahead and read it now.}

~amy danielle


  1. well, i would greatly love to meet you too. and all those you mentioned. thinking we should have a meet up... one day... (it'd be extra hard to get suzy here, but here's to dreaming...) So glad you're getting through knitting the blanket (is it the same one?) and undecided about the name? that surprised me! can't wait to hear what you come up with.

    drink some tea, read something good and rest! i love you!

    1. Yes! Not sure why we're so unsure about the name but we just are. There are so many we like but nothing that has just jumped out as *the one*, know what I mean?

      The blanket- I will send you a picture once I get done. I settled on one that was slightly simpler, but I think I still may try the one you sent me the pattern for. I need to buy more yarn.

      Love you back! xo

  2. let's all three of us meet up..shall we? Half an hour? just down the street, the little shop on the corner. tea and baby talk and some sweet fellowship, k?

    love you. love both of you amys!


    1. And you know we love you too. We *wish* for the thirty minutes and the tea shop on the corner and the lovely company. Maybe someday. Stranger things have happened, right? {wink} xo


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