Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Update

I'm thinking there is a good possibility that my blog entries will become quite sporadic over the next few weeks. For starters, I am entering the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Preparations for the baby, the birth, and the fatigue that accompanies the last stages of pregnancy will likely keep me from writing here much.

Not to mention the fact that I have eight other children. They keep me pretty busy as well. :)

I would so appreciate your prayers and thoughts. Please feel free to pop in now and then to check for updates, or send me an email to keep in touch.

With love,

amy danielle


  1. love you! i'll be praying for you. can't wait to meet this new little girl!

  2. hey aim! did you get the text i sent you a day or two ago? thanks for the prayers- love you too! XO

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family! Praying for a smooth safe delivery for you and baby.

    1. thanks theresa! happy easter to you as well!

  4. That's great that you are so close to having your baby! I shall be praying for you! :-) Please be sure to post some pics for us!

  5. My dear sweet friend you are in my prayers...I am hoping to come over soon! I pray you have a super blessed day!
    Much love,

  6. Thinking of you today, and praying for you. Hope all is moving forward smoothly! Soon, there will be a precious baby to kiss. How wonderful! The best of all gifts. Love to you. Rest easy.


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