Saturday, June 9, 2012

amy interrupted

Ella Grace has been terribly fussy the last few days and I am desperately hoping she does not take after her older sister and become colicky. I love the girl to pieces but holy moley, she is wearing me out. And it seems the only position she is happy in is on her belly, which makes me a tad nervous since all the pediatricians say that babies sleeping on their stomachs increases rates of SIDS. Never mind that this is the way I was put to sleep as a baby. But I digress.

My computer is not working because the little plug thingy that charges it is broken. So I guess technically the computer is fine, it's just dead. And I need to get that part fixed so I can charge it. I don't like being on this computer {our shared, family computer} because the keyboard is a bit harder to navigate than my lightweight laptop, especially when my hands are flared up from RA. Which they have been lately. So between that and Miss Fussy Pants, I haven't been online much.

And I've been drinking more coffee than usual. I bought half caff, so this of course means I can have twice as much, right? {wink}

I have this lovely little arrangement of flowers on my dresser that was put into these skinny little mini vases my sister bought for me. The flowers are from Trever and they are my current eye candy- daisies and carnations and baby's breath and some other flower I can't identify, plus Peruvian lilies- all in shades of violet, magenta, pink, lavender. Lovely.  I am trying not to be too put off by the fact that the dresser they adorn is covered with crappola.

Meaning I really should clean it off.  {sigh}

I have a stack of books I want to read, some that I need to take back to the library since I know I'll never read them and some I need to renew because I really *do* want to read them. I also have Blue Like Jazz on cd, and I have been listening to it while chauffeuring my kiddos back and forth to church for youth group and VBS. So far, so good. I wish I was a bit further along but since the church is only ten minutes away, progress has been slow.

I actually brought the cds into my bedroom, hoping to listen to them while I knit up a couple of the several balls of yarn I have set aside for making summery dishcloths. I finished one, in yellow and white, which I am sending through the mail to a friend. Because, after all, I want her always to think of me when she is washing the dishes. Ha.

I don't know if I'll be able to get much listening {or knitting} done in the next couple of nights though, because I am zonked. If I can actually get all these kiddos into bed {darn near a miracle} I am quite sure I will abandon Donald Miller and all my knitting notions and drag my sorry butt to bed.

Trever works late tonight and I miss him. Although I have decided I am eating ice cream without him and I am refusing to feel the slightest bit guilty about it.

Church in the morning- have I mentioned lately we started going back to church last week? AH, but that's for another day- loads to say about that.

I am making my best effort to take that critical part of me that wants to find fault {and it isn't hard to do in church, folks} and stuff it. People have their issues everywhere, maybe the ones in church just ought to know that better than anyone else. And they should be the ones pouring out the grace, not finding faults.... Tra la la.

I love grace.

And while I can't change anyone else, I can be a grace-pourer myself.

Guess I'd better get started too, since {and I am not even exaggerating} my kids have knocked on my door 6 times in the 10 minutes it has taken me to write this post. They are needing a bit of, um, guidance, as they head off to bed.  I am beginning to hear weeping and gnashing of teeth.

G'night all.

~amy danielle


  1. Oh, Amy...I'm terribly sorry that I haven't gotten back with you. We were at my granddaughter's graduation when you called and I didn't see the message until that night. Then your text came through when I was otherwise occupied and my one brain cell seems to only be able to focus on what is right in front of me. {AND I have a hard time using my phone to send messages...the little blackberry buttons are too small for my swollen fingers} I've really missed talking to you. Maybe I can give you a call later today? Love you muchly! xox

  2. Just wanted to say I love you Amy :)
    That's all :)
    My first daughter had colic. It's tough. You enjoy that guilt free ice cream!

  3. Just thinking of you today...praying. I hope you are well, friend. I'm so glad for your honesty in this space. It's real, it's good, it's helpful to all of us. btw, flowers in the midst of chaos are my trick too. :) Just wrote about that the other day. Great minds, right?

    Love you.


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