Tuesday, September 18, 2012

33 goals for the year i am 33

1. buy less.

2. save more.

3. give most.

4. say yes more.

5. go to bed and get up in the morning a little earlier.

6. stay up late when it counts- for relationships, not TV.

7. read a new translation of the Bible.

8. make more space- in my schedule and home- get rid of things that clutter.

9. embrace art- make your home your canvas.

10. expand your knitting horizons- learn to do more than knit and purl.

11. write more consistently.

12. talk less.

13. listen more.

14. stick with an exercise program longer than two weeks.

15. make sure to hug all of your kids, every day.

16. forgive quicker.

17. slather on the grace.

18. sign up for a class- something! {dance, pilates, zumba- whatever!}

19. write more letters.

20. read the books you already have, that you haven't read yet.

21. reduce, reuse, recycle. learn new ways to be more green.

22. get a bike.

23. improve your health- through medication, supplements, diet, exercise... keep exploring until you find something that works.

24. don't give up.

25. look for ways to be more spontaneous.

26. pray more.

27. smile lots.

28. drink more water.

29. learn to make souffles. and creme brulee. and perfect eggs Benedict.

30. plan more date nights with Trever and make more places *our* hangouts.

31. plant flowers.

32. practice nonviolence.

33. know Jesus more, better, and in deeper ways.


  1. Most impressed by your list; excellent ideas - I think you will need No 24!!
    Thank you so much for your email, and I hope you had a lovely birthday xx

  2. 33! My goodness...I didn't realize you were so blissfully young! :) You've fit a lot into your short life, girl! So glad you had a lovely birthday and so glad I could be a part of it in a small way.

    Love to you!


  3. Great list!
    I need to come up with something original for this birth year. Or maybe just do again what I did last year. Of course, I'm already 3 months behind. Much catching up to do! :)



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