Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the man i love

Today I want to share about the most special man in my life.

Trever and I met our senior year in high school, and fell very quickly in love. So many things in my life were uncertain back then, but this one thing I knew... I loved him like I had never loved any other.

And I have never loved another since the way I love him.

I have loved him since I was seventeen.

Now we are in our thirties.

We have nine children together.

We have gone through some rough times as we learned how to live our love. We have made mistakes. We have always found forgiveness in one anothers eyes. We have held hands and said prayers and walked this love out. He still makes me smile and we still laugh together till tears come. After this time of life shared, these years have only brought us closer, tighter... better.

Trever, you may not realize how many times in a day I look over and watch you and smile, how when I hear you play guitar with Andrew or tickle Aiden or cradle sweet Ella to sleep, my heart throbs love for you. Tossing a football with our boys or combing through Libby's tangles or all the dozens of times you have painted my toenails when I have been heavy-pregnant...

the way you've read scripture aloud, encouraging me as a mother, holding me close and tenderly... making me want to be the best wife I can be...

you are a beautiful man.

While the love we made sleeps in their beds, murmuring sleep-words like you do, my heart feels full.

I don't deserve all these blessings...

and the greatest ones are the ones that came from us.

I am so grateful for you, my love.

I love you, Trever.


  1. You have such a beautiful family!
    And you are a lovely looking couple!

  2. That's so beautiful, Amy. I can't imagine...
    But I know that that's how love's supposed to be.



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