Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peace is a Person

Words are swirling around in my head...
Too many words. It feels a bit dizzying, really.
There is so much to do, so much left undone at the end of every. single. day.
And I wonder if I am making any head way.
Will I look back on these crazy days with regret,
and thoughts of what I failed to do? Or will what was accomplished be enough?
By His grace?

For a woman that tends to measure success or failure by accomplishments,
by that to-do list getting smaller and the house getting tidy and the laundry all washed and folded and put away,
the children behaving and obedient and the marriage blissful and the walk with God vibrant and growing and the sin-sick soul spontaneously healing from hours and days in His Presence...

What does a woman like this do when the floor is sticky and a clean pair of underwear can't be found and the to-do list grows longer instead of shorter? What should she think when her children bicker and fight and disobey their parents and steal sweets out of the refrigerator when she isn't paying attention? When her husband is discouraged with his job and finances and everything feels strained and it doesn't seem anything is going to get a whole lot better any time soon?

And what if the sin in her life looms large and she begins to feel hopeless she will ever learn or change, when her times with her Lord are dry and dusty?

She falls at the feet of Jesus and holds on for dear life.

She confesses her impotence to change and lets Him change her. She stops looking at outward circumstances and gets a glimpse of what may be occurring behind the scenes of ordinary, messy life: Souls being molded into His image.

She allows her role as an Image-bearer instead of her role as an underwear washer take precedence.

And then, somehow, Peace comes.

Peace that is a person- Jesus.

{Oh Jesus, come today. Come now. How we need you here, in this place. Every single minute. Amen.}

a repost from the archives, because I needed this gentle reminder, yet again... maybe you did too?

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