Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jesus and AK47s

Okay, this is NOT the blog post that is going to win me any awards, make me any new friends, or impress the ones I already have. In fact, this blog post is likely to seriously piss off a great many of you.

And I'll admit, I feel a little timid about writing it. Mostly because I've met so many new, amazing friends lately, mainly through my church, and I don't want to unnecessarily offend anyone. I like you and I want you to like me back.

But honestly? It's gotten to the point where I feel like it would be downright deceitful for me to remain silent, to have you think I agree with you when I don't. To let you assume you know me, know what I think and feel and believe, when in reality I'm just keeping my mouth shut and biting my tongue until it bleeds.

So, here goes.

{Deep breath}

Number One:

I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN. {Incidentally, I am not a Democrat either.)

I know a lot of my Christian friends identify strongly and passionately with this political party, and you assume I do too. I know this because of the snide remarks and off color jokes you make about President Obama, by the way you bash liberals, by the condescending way you sometimes infer that all TRUE Christians would vote the same way.

This makes me wince.

I believe we are to pray for our leaders, not bad mouth them. I also believe that committed Christians fall all over the political spectrum. Some vote Republican, some Democrat, some Libertarian {or another party} and some do not vote at all.

Number Two:


While I currently attend a Baptist church, I do not identify with any denomination. Denominations scare me a little, I guess. They're all good and they're all bad, in some ways. I wouldn't even say I'm Non-Denominational, because that in itself is kind of like a denomination. And I guess the entire concept bothers me a little, because splitting up the body of Christ into so many fragments feels divisive, if we can't all respect and love one another in the end.

So in Christ, we who are many form one body, and we all belong to each other...

I love Jesus. I love people. I believe that is enough.

And finally {and this is the BIG one} Number Three:


What this means is that when y'all are arguing over gun control versus gun rights, I get super duper sad because I feel like you're totally missing the point. I serve a Savior who said to turn the other cheek, to love your enemies, to bless when cursed. Christians are not to overcome evil with violence, but with good. I'm pretty certain Jesus would never be caught packing heat, and would never squabble over His rights as an American citizen. He laid down His life in the face of grotesque violence and calls us to do the same.

I'm grateful to be an American citizen, but I do not believe I have *rights*. I understand what the Constitution says and all that, but my kingdom is not of this world anyway. I traded in my citizenship here for a citizenship in Heaven and God doesn't allow dual citizenship. We're to be in this world but not of it, we're to be peculiar people, we're to beat our swords (and AK47s) into plowshares.  I believe I am to live here, NOW, on earth as it is in Heaven.

When it comes to guns, I find the greatest arguments for having them usually fall into one of two categories: Fear and Vengeance. Either we want them to protect ourselves and our families because we are afraid of evil, or we want to to retaliate against it.

Do not fear, I will never leave you nor forsake you...
Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, I will repay...

I believe there are a lot of causes that are worth dying for, but none worth killing for.

I believe Jesus was radical about the way he loved, and we are called to be radical too.

I believe in being consistently pro-life, from womb to tomb. So yes, I am against assault weapons, against the death penalty, against war.

Mostly though, I am pro-LOVE, pro-mercy, pro-peace.

I say this because I'd much rather be known by what I am FOR than by what I'm AGAINST.

They will know us by our love...

Love covers a multitude of sins...

She loved much, because she was forgiven much...
So now you know.

And I don't have any idea what you think of me, now that you know. I don't know if you're nodding your head or seeing red. I hope you still love me. Maybe most of all, I hope you'll think about {and pray about} the things I've said.

If nothing else, maybe we can all be a little bit more aware that not every member in our churches, families and social groups thinks exactly like we do. I've stayed quiet this long so as to not offend, and, if I am honest, maybe a little bit because I was afraid of rejection.

But there you have it- my heart on the screen.

amy danielle


  1. From this side of the pond AMEN xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh thank goodness to hear an American say this. It really is a bit incomprehensible outside the box. And I say that as a citizen of a fragmented and rioting land. Well done, Amy Danielle. As always!

  3. This must have taken a lot of courage on your part, Amy. I respect your having the integrity to post what you believe. It didn't surprise *me* at least... I knew you were a Christian and that you never felt the need to answer to anyone else. Be proud and stand strong with God.

  4. Well said, (speaking as an English woman who has no real knowledge of American politics).

  5. AD, I can't find you on facebook anymore! I am most assuredly still there, and often! I'm Margaret McCreedy with a mug picture at the minute, I think- most appropriate!

  6. Love your honesty and your grace Amy :) ....and yes I agree with everything you have written :)

  7. Of course I still love you ~ what's not to love? ;)

  8. Well, I wrote a long, thoughtful post full of wisdom and hit the back button before I finished. So I'll sum it up. I love you, Trever and your children more each time we're together and your narrow-minded, ignorant beliefs will never change that.

    1. TIM! You never tire of forcing me to tell you to shut it, do you??? Cracking up...


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