Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Plans

It is nearly ten o'clock on Saturday morning.

I am still in bed, blankets rumpled and pillows soft and rocking a gigantic case of bedhead.

I am sipping coffee out of the Mad Hatter cup my dear Cara bought for me while looking out my window at the glorious sunny weather and listening to the sounds of my littles playing.

I am thankful that I have nothing pressing to do today, because my plan is to make a dent in the pile of books I want to get read.

Eventually I will shower and get presentable for venturing out into the public. I will buy the things I will need to make cake and decorate for my baby's first birthday, which is tomorrow.

Ella Grace will be one.

I'm so in love with this sweet little girl who has brought such joy into our home.

I am missing my family and Trever's too, and wishing they could all be coming over tomorrow to celebrate Ella with us. I am also missing my friends, who are scattered far and wide all over this world. I am feeling a little bit lonely, even though I am surrounded by people.

But for now I am done with the wallowing and instead am going to talk to Jesus. I will still and listen for His voice and let Him make me whole in all the cracked and broken places of my heart. I will surrender just a little bit more and use all my strength and courage and faith to reach out and touch the hem of his garment.

I will dream wide awake and be wonderstruck.

~amy danielle

Happy Saturday, kind readers. Grace, mercy and peace be yours this weekend in Christ Jesus.

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