Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I had hoped to have more time today to wake up slowly, enjoy a couple of cups of hot coffee, read...

But no dice.

First thing in the morning, we discovered our dog was terribly sick and I had to get her into the vet. $242 later, we brought her home with all kinds of meds. Now, at the end of the day, she seems to be perking up.

I met Trever for a quick lunch, we read a bit of Titus together, and then I played chauffeur and ran my kids around. I visited with a friend and got to see her gorgeous new baby daughter. Eeeppppp! Babies!!!

We made a huge salad for dinner with all kinds of lovely things in it and topped it with grilled chicken. We finished up this season of Downton Abbey. I ordered a new book a dear friend recommended after a fabulous catch up phone call. I picked up prescriptions at the pharmacy.

I'm tired but coughing keeps me awake.

Still, regardless of what my body is doing, I feel at peace, way down in my soul. I am loved by a very kind God.


  1. Amen! Those hectic, unpredictable days are tiring. We think we know what we'll do, and then disturbances crash in. I love slow days where nothing happens :)

  2. So thankful for peace. Prayers for rest, dearest. xo.

  3. You ARE loved by a very kind God. Yay! I hope the meds keep your cough under control, AD. I'm so sorry your dog was sick. Whew, vet bills are high these days! Take good care and give yourself a few sits on the sofa.

  4. I like that last line there. Yep. Is it okay that I am so over Downton Abbey? Or are you going to tell me this season is worth my time? ...cause I'm thinking I'm over it. :)

    1. I liked this season better than last but I wouldn't try to convince you to watch it if you're over it. :) I think I am going to try Lark Rise to Candleford. I've heard it's better than DA by very reliable sources. :)

    2. I also enjoyed Call the Midwife. Did you see that?

  5. That's a nice day- such a shame you're not feeling better. I hope you will tomorrow xx


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