Sunday, December 15, 2013


I read something today, someplace... I can't remember where. It may have been a. Piece of art I was looking at, but it was the words that resonated deep. It said, my wingspan has become too large for this cage. I can't describe how sometimes, just having the words to express my inner yearning, makes me feel jubilant, settled. Even when none of the living it out has transpired, there is yet a sense of no longer feeling lonesome in my soul, having some sort of an outset for expression. It brings calm to my inner chaos.

Stepping outside of a cage that you've lived in basically since you've existed is terrifying because you feel you've lost your anchor, that there's nothing left to steady you, to bring stability. So I've had to learn to define what my inner anchor really is, or who, rather.

And I no longer fear being free, unshackled... I am learning to fly.


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