Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I finished reading a book yesterday called The Pull of the Moon, by Elizabeth Berg. The main charcter, Nan, decides she needs to run away for a bit, and the book is made up of a series of journal entries she writes while on her adventure, and letters she is writing home to her husband. It's about finding herself, figuring out what she really wants, taking time to enjoy life. It was a quick, but enjoyable read.

It made me think about my own writing. I think I have always felt there must somehow by meaning or spirituality infused into everything I write in order for it to be worthy or good. I read so many blogs that are spiritual and poetic and deep, that seem to ponder hard questions with eloquence and that are so well wirtten by such beautiful people that I've lost a bit of my own voice trying to emulate them.

The thing is though, as I read this book, I realized I was really quite interested in the day to day, mundane, simple goings on of this fictional character. I liked hearing about her road trip, about her relationship with her husband and her daughter, about the things she loves and the things she hates. I enjoyed picturing her eating a big, fat, red tomato like you would an apple while sitting in her car watching the sunset. And while she told of all these happenings, I went along with her.

Interestingly, there was a lot of meaning infused into everything. But the difference is that it wasn't forced, it wasn't manipulated. It just happened a little along the way. It was organic, it was natural, it was lovely.

So while I will certainly write about social justice and the Green Party, about gentleness and nonviolence, and though I'll probably have a few Jesus-y posts sprinkled throughout, I am giving myself permission to just talk about my own life, my kids, my husband, the things I love and enjoy. About slathering paint on canvases and knitting up a whole stack of washcloths and how freshly laundered sheets make me breathe just a wee bit deeper, about chronic illness and yummy books, essential oils and herbal remedies, music and dancing and mysticism. Because that's how I roll.

I'm not going to try to sound like any other writer I've ever read. I'm just going to lean into my own voice. I'm going to focus on figuring out what I really want, and enjoying my life along the way. I'm just going to be me.

And you, kind reader, are welcome to come along with me.

With loving, tender thoughts,
amy danielle

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