Monday, December 1, 2014

Why I Sometimes Feel Like Christian Music is Like Tofu

Last night, we had a four hour drive home from my parents' house in Florida. Try to imagine 11 people, many of them tinies, plus a hyperactive dachshund, stuck in the same crowded space or four hours. It was loud and I considered jumping out while coasting at 80 miles per hour on the highway. But at one point during the drive, my 14 year old started talking to Trever and I about music.

We started off just discussing different genres of music, classical rock, for instance, or indie folk, blues, pop, etc. We were trying to explain what pop was because about 98% of all the music Riley listens to is pop. And at some point, we talked about how some Christians don't listen to secular (non-Christian) music at all because they feel it goes against their faith, while others listen to it without any conscience issues...

And that's the point when I said I think a lot of CCM is like tofu. Say you're a hard core meat eater but then decide it's no longer compatible with your life style, maybe for health reasons, or compassion toward animals, or what have you. But you're not content to eat just fruits and vegetables, no, you miss the meat, baby. So you make a substitute. A poor one, really, but still. You end up serving Tofurkey for Thanksgiving. Barf.

I'm not judging people's hearts or motives but this is commonly how I feel about CCM. I will give you the fact that some is better than others, but it kinda grates on my nerves when the store has little signs that say things like, If you like Metallica, you'll like these Christian bands. Because if really the idea is not to look and sound just like the secular music we are supposedly shunning, why do we want our Christian music to sound just like it. And it's usually a bad substitute at that.

Christian Tofu.

I guess I just feel like, in general, if the idea is that we have a new heart and a new mind that is constantly being renewed and growing in holiness, we shouldn't want to sound like a Christian version of Metallica. But that's just me.

What do YOU think?


  1. Even if I have to prove I'm not a robot just to tell you so.

    1. The fact that you battle captcha for me makes me know your love is the real deal, Cara Sue. xoxoxo

    2. Also, I did it in the first place because of all the mail order bride ads I was getting. For the love. (not)


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