Friday, January 30, 2015


This morning I had a seriously hard time waking up, and once I finally did, the dream I'd just woken from felt so real that I had to call Trever just to confirm whether it was a dream or reality. It actually took him some convincing, I felt so out of it. So I sipped some coffee and texted My Cara and gave her my critique of the movie Cake, which she had mentioned she wanted to see and which I saw last night. Meh.

We were both hoping it covered more of a woman suffering with chronic illness, but it is actually about a woman who has chronic pain because she was in a terrible car accident, wherein her son dies. She is grieving and hurting and becomes horribly addicted to prescription pain meds, so addicted in fact that she overdoses and almost dies, and she spends most of the movie hallucinating. It was sad, it was sorta depressing, but it surprisingly didn't bother me too terribly. I think Jennifer Aniston did a good job as an actress, and after all her self-destructing, I found myself really rooting for her character to make progress and heal.

I sent Andrew to McDonald's to buy me lunch because I was craving chicken nuggets, which is weird. I want to eat chicken nuggets like one time a year. I guess this was it.

In other news, I started a Beth Moore bible study on the psalms. I am trying to find more words to explain why or what I am hoping for in all this, how hard it was for me to read the passages, to think them through... But I am going to wait on that. I think I need time to ease into it, to process.

The kids played Beatles karaoke this evening. It was fun, but oh my goodness. Some of my kids sounded like they were trying as hard as possible in an attempt to blow out their vocal chords.

We are leaving tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with my family and more than likely I won't write again until I get back home. I don't usually check my Facebook page or write on my blog when I can sit and visit with my family members. I am hoping to listen to Amy Poeler's Yes Please during the drive. I wish it was warm enough to swim. Maybe I will at least remember to take some pictures, I always seem to forget. The kids are all excited about going down.

I think I am going to try to read a bit until I get tired enough to sleep. Still working though book #5, planning to get 50 read this year. Thinking also about starting my canvas journal next week. Excited about that.


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