Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The end of March

Just because it is the very LAST day in March (excuse me, WHAT?!?) and just because I am biding my time while simultaneously making sure Libby completes her school work, I thought I'd pop in here and say hi.

Yesterday was cray.

I got my hair done, almost falling asleep in the chair. IWASSOTIRED. Then I dropped Andrew and Riley off at drama club and picked up enough Little Ceasar's pizzas to feed a small army (or my kids, either way). I started feeling icky, but I took some meds and pushed through, picking Trever up from work at five and going with him to Ruby Tuesday. I ordered a very sensible meal, grilled salmon with zucchini and rice pilaf, which I paired with a very non-sensible, gigantic slice of cheesecake.

We came home and it happened: full blown flare. I'm actually surprised it hadn't happened sooner, since I've been feeling overly tired and worn out for a few days. I guess it all just came to a head last night. I started running fever, my joints started swelling and turning all red, everything on me was hot to the touch, and not in a good, I'm so sexy kind of way. Add in some hard core allergies and I was out for the count. There are so many things I adore about Spring, seasonal allergies is not one of them. I have itchy, watery eyes that make me look like a straight up pothead, I get sneezing attacks that last so long I actually feel tired afterward, and I have constant post-nasal drip, which makes me feel like I'm always just a second away from aspirating on my own allergy driven mucous. Gross.

I'm fairly convinced that the only thing antihistamines actually do well is make you even more tired. Maybe the idea is you will sleep through the Spring, kind of a self-induced hibernation of sorts. When you finally stop taking them in the summer, the pollens are at a low and you think you've survived another allergy nightmare when really you've just slept for three straight months. It's like the worst kind of hangover crossed with Rip Van Winkle stories.

I went to bed early, and I woke up feeling much better but completely exhausted. It's hard to say which is trickier to navigate, acute pain or long lasting fatigue. Bleh.

I'm resting today, supervising homework assignments and chores from my bed, tissues at the ready. I am determined to go out tonight- Trever and I are meeting friends at the movies. I have no idea what we are having for dinner, I haven't thought that far ahead.

But hey, here's to April. May the allergens be greatly reduced and activity resumed without hazard. Three of my children have April birthdays, two of them have them in May. It's a busy couple of months here. Better nap while I can.


PS. I'm not going to lie. I am totally patting myself on the back because we are only three months into 2015 and I've ALREADY written more blog posts than all of last year. So I can basically proceed with a no-guilt guarantee and cruise all year. Yay me!

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