Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Busy Begins

We have been so jam-packed crazy busy with activity that lately writing here has taken a bit of a back seat. I've not even checked much on Facebook, but I hear it is going on, quite without me.

We just had friends whom knew from when we lived in Texas fifteen years ago come out to visit for a few days, and they just left yesterday. It is always fun to be able to  take newbies around this big, bright historical place. We tried a local Savannah restaurant which is famous for their excellent craft beer, and I think I had one too many, not recalling the alcoholic content being so much higher than any typical beers. We went too Jekyll Island for a beach day and we all got a little sunburndt; Justice got the brunt of it, but well all got red and blistery and I got a ginormous fever blister that makes my bottom look like a collagen injection procedure gone very wrong.

Today, my mother drove up to see us for a day or two, and brought Ryan and Chrissy along. Ryan is growing on me. He is very odd and peculiar to me, but it is no longer uncomfortable and he seems to have a gentle, tender spirit.

They leave tomorrow around 6:00 p.m. I haven't a clue what we will do tomorrow.

I want to stay in bed all day and read. I am currently reading Still, by Lauren Winner. It is very, very good. I'm saving Les Miserables for rainy days. I'm only  a couple hundred pages in but it is coming along bit by bit. When I am feel too swollen to open my book up, I listen to audio books, or music; something even sermons. I told the worship leader I would sing this Sunday, so I am trying to rest from the time my mom and crew leave- which means early dinner and very early bed time.

Monday I have my pre-op and Tuesday will be my surgery. I hope they find whatever is wrong and can fix it. I get tired of feeling so sick and limited. But it is what it is and really, it's true, God's grace is sufficient.

It's quite late so off I go. I'm sure to have more time to sit in from of this screen and write bout some of the things that are on my heart very soon.

Thanks for stopping by, pushing the clean laundry aside that I just haven't gotten a chance to get to just yet, and listening to my ramblings.

If you have anything you'd like to share, or have prayer requests, please put them in the comment box below. I read them all myself.

With Love,

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