Monday, September 28, 2009

My Bundle of Joy and Trever's "Fishbowl Theory"

We went to the midwife today for our routine appointment. Not too much to report. Owen's head is down in my pelvis (yay for being head down!) but not totally engaged, so he's kind of floating, so-to-speak. This translates into a lot of pressure in my pelvis, but once he drops completely, things should get a bit more comfortable.

My midwife was amazed that I have had as many children as I have, and that sciatica is a fairly new issue for me. Apparently it is very common. She assured me I should continue wearing my bellyband for support of the joints, and that once my sweet little one is born, the pressure should be off the nerve and I should be good as new. Until then, I can manage.

My uterus measured in at 35 cm. I am 32 weeks and 1 day. So, I'm measuring a little ahead. Not too uncommon- women who have had several pregnancies tend to stretch out a bit quicker. I do feel HUGE. Really huge. And that is where Trever's fishbowl theory comes in. He asserts that goldfish, take for example the ones you get at the fair in a little plastic baggie, only really grow to as big an environment as they are placed in. So, if you have a tiny little bowl, they stay fairly, well, tiny. But if you plop them in a great big aquarium, or, better yet, in a pond, they get to be humongous. Hey it's not my theory, it's Trever's. And he thinks he is extremely funny and oh-so-clever for coming up with it, by the way.

But I really do think he is wrong. And I am thankful that even though the "fishbowl", a.k.a. ME, is a bit larger, I won't be having a 15 pound baby. When the midwife palpitated around, she came up with a 3 1/2 to 4 pound estimate for right now. So I think we are still on target for an average sized baby boy. :)

In the meantime, I have been thinking about compiling a list of "pregnancy woes" that I have been blessed enough NOT to suffer from. Kind of puts a spin on things, and gives me something more to be grateful for. And I am not talking about the really rare or horrendous stuff either (that could take waaay too much research to come up with.) I'm just talking about the pretty common stuff that I have been blessed enough to bypass (so far, anyway.) I will be thinking on it. Check back. :)

p.s. God is so good!


  1. lol...interesting theory. I will have to have my friend Maggie read that theory...she has humongo babies (10lb or so) and maybe she could convince her mw that it's viable so they will leave her alone more about going past 40 It might not be real, but hey, she would get a kick out of that theory!!

    Do you typically drop? I didn't with the last 3, and with Justice, because he didn't drop, we had a harried last few minutes when he came. (I delivered at 8cm because of cord prolapse).

  2. Oh, my goodness. Trever does think he is pretty clever. LOL I have seen plenty of petite moms give birth to ginormous babies. My co-worker, a first-time mom, just gave birth to a sweet baby boy who was one week late and weighing in at ELEVEN pounds!

    So glad your appointment went well.


    P.S. All the time (God is good).

  3. Amy,

    I made a list of things to be thankful for when I found out that Shan was deploying again... it really does help. Love Trevers theory... he is such a GUY!!! LOL

  4. That's funny. Of course, with my two set of twins, my uterus expanded to 42cm, so it is little wonder in the larger "environment" that Daniel was so late (and big--10 lbs). Caleb probably would have been too if it were not for the military hospital scheduling an inducement on my due date. (They had to have things planned out for their sake.)

  5. I must say that the comment was all in fun to get a rise out of my lovely wife.

    Love you darling.


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