Sunday, September 27, 2009


This is an excerpt from the book Gold Cord, by Amy Carmichael. I have always thought it was lovely, and encouraging, and so I thought I'd share it. I hope it will bless you also.

"Do you know that lovely fact about the opal? That, in the first place, it is made only of desert dust, sand, silica, and owes its beauty and preciousness to a defect. It is a stone with a broken heart. It is full of minute fissures which admit air, and the air refracts the light. Hence its lovely hues, and that sweet lamp of fire that ever burns at its heart, for the breath of the Lord God is in it.

"You are conscious of the the cracks and desert dust, but so He makes His precious opal. We must be broken in ourselves before we can give back the lovely hues of His light, and the lamp in the temple can burn in us and never go out." ~Ellice Hopkins

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  1. That is truly beautiful; thanks for sharing! God handiwork - in us and in creation - is amazing!

    P.S. I was looking at getting the Gold Cord recently :)


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