Sunday, October 25, 2009

Owen's baby book entries :)

For any of you who would like to make an appearance in Smith family history, please leave a comment on this link and give Owen a few lines of welcome. I plan to print them all out and put them in his baby book, much like saving cards from a baby shower. Looking forward to reading all your sweet thoughts!


  1. Owen -
    We are SO excited to meet the newest addition to the Smith family! Jonah can't wait to meet you, too :) We are praying that you grow up strong in the Lord - loving Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. We need you fighting alongside us to reclaim His Kingdom!

    Neil, Becky, and Jonah Smith

    ps... you've got a PRETTY cool family!!

  2. Owen, you are blessed to be in a great family! Remember always how much they love you, and how much God loves you! I know your parents want to train in the fear and love of the Lord!
    God bless you as you grow in His knowledge!

    Love~ Tori L. Wagner

  3. Sweet Baby Owen,

    You are already tremendously loved! Your mom, dad, family and a myriad of friends have been praying for you and your arrival and trusting in the Lord and His timing!

    Owen, "young warrior," may you grow up and fight tirelessly for the things of God. Listen to your parents, for they are wise and have a wealth of knowledge in how to "train up a child."

    And just as your brothers and sister before you, I look forward to hearing all about you by your doting mom, and hopefully meeting you very soon!

    Much love,

    Aunt (because your mom is my kindred sister :)) Jade


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