Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amy the insomniac and her quest to contentment whilst on bed rest...

Dontcha just hate it when you're tired but you can't sleep? I do. I have been tossing and turning all night. In my case, the insomnia is directly related to my pregnancy. My back is aching tonight and I can't seem to get comfortable. Around three a.m., I'd had enough and decided maybe getting up for a little while might help me (eventually) go back to sleep. At the very least, Trever and Aiden will be able to sleep without me moving all over the place.

So, I'm on bed rest. Did I mention that lately? No, I guess I couldn't have, since I was unofficially put on bed rest Sunday and officially put on bed rest yesterday. Why? Pre-term labor. Nothing major or life threatening really. But the birthing center's policy is that they can deliver babies who are born between 37 weeks and 41 weeks and 6 days. If you are earlier than 37 or make it to 42, you have to be transferred to the hospital. I'm thinking I'd really like to make it to 37 weeks. I love the lack of intervention and complication the birth center affords. But, at the same time, I have prayed about this for months and will trust in the Lord's timing, no matter when that will be.

Trever got a note from my midwife, stating I was on bed rest and he needed to be home to help take care of our children, so that takes care of that for the week. I will be 37 weeks on Sunday. And Trever is home. That, in itself is such a blessing, as I have gone through a couple of my pregnancies without him being able to be with me, because he was deployed with the army. Having him nearby is such a comfort. I feel very safe with him. I'm sure that's how it was meant to be.

This is really the point in my pregnancy where everyone starts telling me when I should have the baby. My mother wants me to deliver on a Friday so she can take off work and stay the weekend. Okay mom, I'll get right on that. :) And then there are my friends and family members who want me to deliver on their birthdays. John (my step-dad) just thinks it would be neat to have a birthday on November 11th, so the date would be 11/11. I think at this stage, things seem to drag by a bit slower than usual because you are thinking about it so much more than you usually do. I wake up every day wondering when the day will come, what my contractions are doing, etc. Also doing some serious praying for patience and for the birth itself. I really want to trust God through this whole journey.

Health wise, I feel good. They did my GBS test yesterday, so I should have the results by my appointment on Friday. I think they are planning to check my iron again on Friday also, but I am very confident that my levels are good. I feel good. That's usually a good indicator. I have upped my intake of calcium, since I have read it is a good thing to do in the last weeks on pregnancy, and I am hoping it will help with my backaches. I think, to some degree, it is natural to get uncomfortable toward the end of a pregnancy. It makes mothers look forward to delivery, makes them more willing and accepting of the transition. So I am choosing to welcome even this stage, with it's minor discomforts. It brings me one step closer to meeting our little one.

It is amazing how much you can love someone you've never even met, isn't it?


  1. I am so glad I came across your blog! Wow, your boys(and girl) have gotten ssssoooooo big! What happened to my little Dillian?
    I hope I can reconnent with ya'll!

    Please stop by my blog, and leave a comment!!! Please, please, please!!

    Love ~ Tori L. Wagner

  2. Hi there Tori! So good to hear from you!

    I tried to click on your name and go to your blog, but it only showed me your profile and no blogs were listed. I'd love to check it out though, so either comment back or email me with a link to your blog and I'll visit. :)

    love~ Amy

  3. Sorry for not responding faster. Our internet's been down.
    I sure will email you my link. I really want you to see what we look like now!

    Tori L.


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