Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paranoid Pregnancy Ponderings...

I wrote this blog entry as a woman, for women to read. It isn't that there is anything inappropriate in it, but it does entail some descriptions of female functions which men may not like to read. Proceed at your own discretion. You were warned. :)

There is something to be said about how frustrating it can be when you are both a)VERY in tune to your body with all it's various changes and at the same time b)VERY prone to second-guess yourself. Welcome to my world. Grrr.

It seems everything that happens causes me to wonder if I am going into labor. Realistically, I should KNOW by now, right? I mean, I've given birth SEVEN TIMES. And I do this every time. It goes something like this:

"Wow. That was a good contraction. I wonder if I am dilating... what if I am and I wait too long and can't make it to the birth center and deliver on the side on the road!?!? Should I go in and get checked???"

"Wait a second- was that my water breaking? I've heard some people have a small trickle and not a big gush... what if I don't go in and it is my water and I get an infection or (worse) something happens to the baby???"

"Is this my mucous plug? I know some people go days or even weeks after passing it before going into labor, but some people lose it just hours before going into labor... is this it?!?!?"

I typically talk myself out of over-reacting and going into a sheer panic. I calm myself down and act like a rational human being. Usually I wait it out and discover, lo and behold, I'm fine and our little guy stays put. No road-side deliveries. Plus, thankfully, I have Trever, who is typically my voice of reason. It's good to have one of those you know. Especially when you are a hormonal nutcase. :)

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  1. lol...considering your history with your labors, it is totally understandable.


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