Monday, December 28, 2009

Nap time helps keep me sane

I love nap time. The precious quiet between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m. is truly glorious. I have come to appreciate quiet more and more over the past several years, mainly, I think, because the rest of my day is usually so noisy. Having eight children can be a job that is, well, LOUD.

The peace that comes from silence speaks a thousand words to my soul. I can rest, reflect, and renew myself. Because, after all, 3 o'clock comes mighty quickly some days.

Today I am thinking about how very little people seek out quiet anymore. We are constantly bombarded by noise, so perhaps the quiet makes people uncomfortable. Many people want the T.V. on even if they aren't watching it. As soon as they get into their cars, they turn on the radio. Many, myself included, use the quiet as an opportunity to make phone calls or listen to music...

And none of this is necessarily bad. Don't misunderstand me. I can enjoy most of these things as well as the average woman. But I do think it is important, no, I think it is VITAL, for us to have times of quiet as well. It always blesses me. In fact, sometimes I think it helps me stay sane. :o)

Just a friendly suggestion: The next time you get an opportunity, choose quiet. Use the noise-free time you have to reflect, to pray, to worship, to rest. See if it doesn't bless you too.

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