Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution: FREEDOM!!!!!

2010 is here. It is a new year, and with it brings a year of regrets, recollections, and resolutions. This year, I resolve, more than anything else to be FREE.

Trever and I struggle together to be free of all our debts, free of worldly obligations. Free to live entirely for Jesus. Unfettered by anything. It reminds me of the verse that talks about being a soldier- not allowing ourselves to be entangled by anything on this earth.... Living entirely for Him. It sounds blessedly simple, but in reality it can be very painful to make the day-by-day decisions that bring us to that place. And yet, that is where we long to be.

Just a warning- the blogs that are posted through out this new year may reflect the bizarre nature of this sentiment: LIVING FREE!!!!!

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