Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When You Give A Toddler A Potty Chair

I am compelled to repost this in Emily's community of art, her fellow writers of imperfect prose, because I think sometimes, though it isn't deep and poetic, it IS imperfect, and it is my life. And I am going through this, again. *sigh*

I am very sure many of you will post simply lovely things, and this may not fit in. It is a bit lighter, a bit humorous. Hope you can appreciate a short little snippet from a mama of eight little ones.

If you give a toddler a potty chair,
He’s going to want to sit on it.

Sitting on the potty chair will make him realize he needs to catch up on some reading,
So he will get himself a book.

Looking at the book will remind him he doesn’t yet know how to read, so he will leave it on the floor of the bathroom and go find something better to do.

Leaving the book on the floor will result in it getting wet and waterlogged, which will cause his mother to lament the money she spent trying to educate her child.

Listening to his mother lament will make the child determined to show he is a big boy. So he will get himself dressed.

This will remind him he needs to put on his big boy underwear.

When he goes to put them on, he finds he has to choose between all the colors and cute cartoon characters, and this reminds him he wants to watch a movie. So he will ask his mother to put one on for him.

When he asks his mother, she realizes he is still not dressed and sends him to put on his big boy underwear.

Putting on his big boy underwear will remind him he still needs to use his potty chair. So he will go sit on it.

And sitting on his potty chair will remind him he didn’t like the silly thing in the first place, and he would rather wear diapers.


  1. LOL... oh amy, this is wonderful! i love it! so well written, friend. thank you for linking today. xo

  2. Sometimes, you just need to laugh. And write about it.

  3. This is so true. Every mom who has ever potty trained a toddler can relate to some part of it. Thanks for the chuckles! And as I said to Nancy, laughter is a gift from God. I think Imperfect Prose is the perfect venue for your funny tidbit of life!

  4. *laughing* so true! I love your version of one of our favourite stories. There are many.:) Today I tried to get my 2 1/2 yr old interested in potty training by letting him wear his big boy underwear with Lightening McQueen on them. Since he does not sit still well, we brought a bucket downstairs with us for him to pee in. He didn't pee in the bucket, but he didn't pee in his underwear either! I'm going to re-read this post as we move further into potty-training territory. :)


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