Monday, March 8, 2010

Marco Polo

Most of us have observed this game. Lots of children in the water. One is appointed "it." That child closes their eyes tight, trying not to peek. It is hard because you are fighting against the natural urge to see, to use you own eyes. But that would be cheating.

The chanting begins. "Marco?" The child says this singular word and then listens. As the other playmates echo back, "Polo," the child has to try to figure out who is the closest, and tag them.

Sometimes the child slowly makes their way. Other times they take a huge leap, trying to apprehend the closest voice.

And I think my walk with God is a lot like that.

I am so blind. And yet, I am tempted on every side to try to use my own faulty vision. Even though I am commanded not to.

So, I call out to Him. I strain to hear. He answers. And I grope around, trying to apprehend Him who can not be contained. Sometimes, I move slowly toward Him. Sometimes, I leap as far as I can in His direction. Sometimes, I find myself just treading water, trying not to go under.

Thankfully, He does not try to evade me like the playmates in the water. He wants me to find Him. He promises I will, if I seek with all my heart.

I encourage my own soul to keep listening. To keep moving. Ask. Seek. Knock. And my heart floods over... and I encourage you as well.

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