Monday, March 8, 2010


Follow me as I follow Christ. These are the words of St Paul. They are daunting. Can I repeat these? Ask someone to follow my example? Do I follow Him closely enough?

And then I remember. The precious ones who do indeed follow my example. What do they see in me? Am I leading them to Him?

Overwhelming. I become scared at times. Panicked. Then I feel like a failure. I am not a perfect example. I am not Paul.

I am a mother, wife, friend. A daughter, sister, cousin. Mostly, I am His. Perfect or not. And I am trying. Because I love Him.

He never, ever, ever gives more than I can handle. He has promised. He is true.

I still do not feel bold enough to repeat Paul's words. But perhaps I can still extend an invitation. Walk with me as I walk with Him.

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