Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tribute to Libby Lu

Today is my daughter's fifth birthday. As a tribute to her, I thought I would pick an entry or two from the journal I am keeping for her. Just a little thought or two...

~Oh my sweet, four-year-old sweetheart. You put on your new dress tonight. And you love it. This makes me happy, since I have been lately trying to convince you to wear more feminine clothes. You really like the idea of being a cow-girl, mainly because you like horses so much. But as a result of that, you put on jeans and flannel button-up shirts several days a week.

It isn't that you aren't cute (you are). But I want you to embrace femininity. And I am trying to model it for you as well.

When we bought this dress, you and I, we went to the PX and tried it on in the fitting room. It was supposed to be a special outing for mama and little girl. I am glad you like your dress so well.

So tonight, when you wore it, you came into my bedroom, wearing it. Lip trembling, eyes welling up with tears, you told me, “Mama? I don't want this dress to stay small when I'm a woman.”

Sweet Libby. But as you grow, we will buy you another sweet dress. We have time for many more mama/daughter outings. I love you, Libby Lu. (March 2, 2010)

Today is your birthday. You are five years old today. Your daddy and I are so thankful to be graced with a little girl amidst all the awesome sons we have. Our family would never have been complete without you.

You are beautiful Libby. And I'm not just talking about your sweet, blond head full of curls or your sky blue eyes complete with long, dark lashes or your precious, pink, full lips. All of that is lovely, yes. But what I am more and more amazed at is your capacity to care, to nurture, to love. You have a sweet soul

I love listening to your girly little voice as you sing to your baby brother, or watch you snuggle our new puppy. My heart aches when I see your eyes fill with tears when you get your feelings hurt and my heart dances when I hear you say something in your sweet, yet precocious way.

You are a delight.

I love you, dear one. Happy Birthday Liberty.(April 22, 2010)

Happy, Happy Birthday Liberty Kaylyn Smith.

Always know how much your mama loves you.

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  1. Awww. That almost made me cry! So sweet. Happy Birthday Libby!! :)


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