Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy Communion

Wholesome, earthy, basic...
is broken, dispersed, received.

Spirit and body fed, nourished, satisfied.
Baskets are filled with the crumbs,
always more than enough to feed the multitude.
The miracle is in the brokenness, the blessing.

He that is the Living Bread is present,
feeding, strengthening, blessing evermore.

Liquid red, robust vine-fruit...
causing the heart to be merry, man to rejoice.

His blood, shed for sinners, sacrificed to bring the abundant life.

Feeding on Jesus,
drinking deep of His sacrifice,
slowly, worshipfully receiving the Body and Blood...
spirit is truly fed, soul-thirst quenched.

Stunningly beautiful, breathtaking awe,
Holy Communion.


  1. Did you write this, Amy Danielle? It's beautiful.

  2. ...feeding on jesus - yes-yes-yes

  3. i need to remember this when i partake. to know the true essence of this fellowship with Him...and the richness of who He is...

  4. i love this piece, friend. it draws me into the sacrifice... made so perfect by our imperfections....

    and i received your order for a print of my painting! thank you sister. i will respond asap. love to you... thank you so much for linking today. xo.

  5. when i hold the bread, my fingers tingle with wonder at His becoming flesh and with anticipation of touching Him one day! i can sense your love for Him.


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