Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Jesus Prize

Reaching, groping, straining,
struggling and fatigued...
frustration settles in where contended spirit
wants to live.

Seeing the prize,
beautiful, indescribable,
pursuing yet being pursued,
satisfied but yearning for more.

Singular purpose~ relationship...
to love and be loved,
to know and be truly known,
to see the Invisible face-to-face,
veil removed,
Edenic clarity, vision restored.

Universe can not contain
Creator God, Abba Father...
yet He dwells in the innermost heart.

His hands and feet take on reality in love and mercy and faith,
sisters and brothers by His adoption,
we all commune with the Rabbi,
we, who are made alive by Spirit,
His God-breath making new,
life from death,
beauty for ashes.

The journey of a lifetime,
all-consuming soul-fire,
knowing, loving, intimate...
with the Savior King,
He with whom our spirits are intertwined.

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