Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is an excerpt from the book Gold Cord, by Amy Carmichael. I have always thought it was lovely, and encouraging, and so I thought I'd share it. I hope it will bless you also.

"Do you know that lovely fact about the opal? That, in the first place, it is made only of desert dust, sand, silica, and owes its beauty and preciousness to a defect. It is a stone with a broken heart. It is full of minute fissures which admit air, and the air refracts the light. Hence its lovely hues, and that sweet lamp of fire that ever burns at its heart, for the breath of the Lord God is in it.

"You are conscious of the the cracks and desert dust, but so He makes His precious opal. We must be broken in ourselves before we can give back the lovely hues of His light, and the lamp in the temple can burn in us and never go out." ~Ellice Hopkins

And I began to think more broadly today, that this can realte to all situations in life. As I ponder marriage, I realize we all come broken, shattered... This is what proves that in our weaknesses He is strong.

May we all allow the breath of His Spirit shine through the cracks in our lives, so we spill forth lovliness into our marriages and homes.
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  1. I am aiways biown away by how God speaks to us through his creation, and I am fearful for those who can't or won't hear. Lord have mercy. The whole world is full of His Glory.

  2. I have always loved opals and now, with that knowledge, will enjoy them even more! Beautiful post!

  3. Oh, how absolutely lovely! Opals are my October birthstone and have always just loved them for the colors and the fire. This gives the stone a WHOLE new meaning, giving me much to reflect upon. With the physical description of this stone, I can now understand why they break as easily as they do.
    May your day be blessed, ~ linda


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