Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Standing with my sweet little Owen in front of the mirror yesterday, I cooed and pointed and tried my best to get him to look at his own face in the mirror. There comes a point where a baby becomes aware of his own reflection in the mirror and can hardly take his eyes off of himself. I have laughed while watching my toddlers gaze at themselves in the mirror, some even adoring their faces so much they kissed the mirror.

But until they become aware of themselves in that mirror, all they do is look at me. Owen watched me in the mirror smiling, pointing and animated, but he never once took his eyes off of my face. He smiled, kicked his little feet excitedly, waved his arms... but his entire focus was on me. Me alone.

And a quick, yet powerful meditation struck me: That is how we should be with God. We should stop being so completely absorbed with ourselves, even with our progress and improvement, that we stop looking at His Face. We need to become again as (very) little children.


  1. This post speaks directly to my heart right now.
    The key is in Him.
    I can do nothing of myself.
    I pray I will start looking toward Him more and allow Him to work in me. I can't fix myself. Only God can.
    Thank you Amy :)


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